Family of three can't wait to grow through adoption

a big sister awaits!

Melina is our 4-year old daughter.

She is a sweet and fun-loving child. 

She has a super silly personality and loves to make people laugh.  She is affectionate, always giving hugs to family, friends and our dog Sophie too.  She has a generous heart,  you’ll often find her giving away her toys and lollipops to friends.  We know that she will love being a sister, she shows us everyday with how she takes care of her very realistic baby doll.

Loving hopeful big sister through adoption

As a family of three (four if you count our little pooch Sophie, which we do!) most of our time is spent making memories together.

Sesame Place Vacation

Sesame Place Vacation

We love doing things together as a family and look forward to making plans for gatherings and outings with family and friends.

We like to plan fun vacations through-out the year.  Whether it is an amusement park, a fair, state parks, the beach or other family-oriented locations, we make the most of it and have a blast.  Every year we plan a trip with our close friends and their son.  We always look forward to our annual trip with them.


Our Family Traditions


Instilling traditions is very important to us.

Meeting Santa on the Polar Express

Meeting Santa on the Polar Express

Every year we host an annual Christmas Eve party where friends and family attend. Dinner is served and everyone has a great time. 

We also bake Christmas cookies for the neighbors every year. Our daughter Melina absolutely loves helping us bake on the days leading up to Christmas. Her favorite part is probably when she gets to deliver them to all of the neighbors. She loves to get people to smile.  It is such a fun tradition.


Friday night is Pizza Night in our house. Aunt Laurie will come over and we’ll eat pizza together and watch a movie.  Usually Aunt Laurie will do a puzzle with her too.  We look forward to our weekly get together. 

We are also lucky enough to have both grandparents live just 5 minutes away. On Sundays we have the grandparents over for dinner which usually consists of pasta and meatballs!  It’s a great way to spend some quality time with the family.

We also have cousins that live close by as well.  We get the families together with the children and will plan a day out or even just invite them over for a get together.